Stuck at home or unable to leave the house? Raes is here to help with at home delivery or pick up Rescue Hampers. View both of our options below.

Raes Dining Room is now offering at home deliveries of Rescue Hampers.

As an active team with access to fresh produce and essential supplies, we are expanding our offering to cater to contact-free deliveries or pick-ups of Raes Hampers. This change in offering is with the intention to provide necessities to those unable to leave their houses, as well as ensure our valued staff and suppliers are continued to be supported during these uncertain times.

Please contact us on +61 2 6685 5366 to order your Raes at-Home today. We invite any future bookings within Raes Dining Room within the above button from September 2020.

Raes Rescue Hampers

Raes Breakfast Basket

Daily newspaper, sourdough, avocado, mushrooms,
basil, freshly pressed juice, eggs 55 + delivery

Raes Rescue Hampers

Raes Farmers Basket

Local organic whole fruits and vegetables, house-made pasta, house-made pasta sauce, nuts, eggs, loco-love chocolate 95 + delivery

Raes Dining Room

Welcoming bookings from September 2020